Embutidos O Mazo

Quality production

Cárnicos Río decided in 1996 to invest in the future by improving its installations, dedicating 2,000 square meters to a factory and 1,000 square meters to a slaughterhouse. The creation of a quality control department at the end of 2009, with personnel able to implement regulation ISO-22,000, was the first step for the installation of a microbiological laboratory for self-monitoring. The concept of quality, always present in all the O Mazo brand products will be certified in this way for a greater consumer guarantee.

The development of new products, the control of feeding with an in-house grain-mixing factory, and the expansion of production will make Cárnicos Río a Galician model for quality.

It is also a model regarding the control of the product that, from birth to slaughter, passing through feeding and quartering, is a sign of identification of all the Cárnicos Río products.