Embutidos O Mazo


Our Granja San Lorenzo began thirty years ago, the embryo of what would be the O Mazo brand. This beginning was marked by the idea to obtain maximum quality and control in raising pigs

Our closed-cycle farms (production and selection of reproducers, raising and fattening of piglets), have the most advanced technology that allows optimizing the feeding of our livestock as well as their sanitary control; which helps us to produce raw material of excellent quality, considering always the importance of care in natural feeding.

Granja San Lorenzo is registered and approved as a producer by the Regulatory Council of the Galician Smoked ham. In 1990, our search for production quality and control brought about Cárnicos Río, in charge of aligning all the activities of the group. At our installations, quartering and preparation of the product take place daily to offer the consumer raw material under exceptional hygienic and sanitary conditions. Control and care throughout the process have given Cárnicos Rio an important position in the Galician meat sector.
All our installations are approved according to regulations of the European Economic Community.